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Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Howard Greitzer, Esq.

Howard Greitzer has served as both mentor, co-counsel and pro bono attorney assisting the family law team at Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA). One case Greitzer has assisted with is an Affidavit of Violation and Order to Show Cause. This case was originally handled by a CCLA staff attorney. After the Final Judgment was entered, the respondent failed to comply with a court order and the civil Judge initiated contempt proceedings. This type of proceeding is quasi criminal, thereby entitling the respondent to a Public Defender, while leaving the petitioner/victim without legal representation. The court sua sponte appointed a CCLA attorney to represent the victim’s interest and compel compliance. 

The CCLA staff attorney had very little experience handling this type of case and understood that a co-counsel would be necessary to fully advocate for and protect the rights of the petitioner/victim. Howard Greitzer, a respected member of the criminal bar for many years agreed to co-counsel and provide expert advice and guidance. Perhaps most valuable, however, was the mentoring of a young lawyer who now can confidently represent victims in similar situations. 

The respondent continued to failure to comply with the court order, resulting in the issuance of a writ. Greitzer’s familiarity with criminal procedures ensured that the writ was properly entered and the necessary motions filed in order for the writ to be recognized by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO). 

Most importantly, the client’s interests have been protected since the injunction was entered and during the pendency of the contempt proceedings.