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Story of Justice: Brenda*

Brenda is a senior citizen living on a fixed income. She and her mother shared title to their home, and had lived together in the home since 1987, sharing equally in the cost of owning and maintaining the property. In 2013, they were facing foreclosure of the home. Brenda’s sister convinced her and their mother to sign documentation refinancing the home so that they could continue to live there. Instead, they learned later that the document they signed was actually a quit claim deed to the sister, who had never lived in the home. In July 2015, Brenda’s mother passed away. Later that month her sister gave her a 30-day notice to vacate the home. Several months later, she sued Brenda for ejectment and unlawful detainer, putting Brenda at great risk of homelessness.

Broward Lawyers Care found a pro bono attorney to defend Brenda in a suit that lasted more than 3 years. During that time, Brenda was able to obtain Section 8 assistance and move into housing that she could afford on her fixed income. She also was able to move her belonging out of the former home and into her new apartment at her own pace. Ultimately, a final judgment was entered ordering Brenda to surrender possession and move out the last of her belongings from the home. On a positive note, Brenda was not ordered to pay anything to her sister. Brenda suffers from numerous health issues and now that the dispute with her sister is resolved, she is able to focus on her health without having to worry about becoming homeless.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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