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Call Us at: 954-765-8950 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Pro Bono

Pro Bono Opportunities

You can help provide access to justice to the most vulnerable members of our community!

Pro Bono Opportunities

Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) is the pro bono project within Legal Aid Service of Broward County (LAS) and is the recognized pro bono program in Broward County, Florida. Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) was formed in 1983 as a joint effort between LAS and of the Broward County Bar Association. The Mission United Veterans Pro Bono Project was created in 2012 in collaboration with the United Way of Broward County. Our pro bono programs enable busy attorneys to make a difference in their community through pro bono work.

Impact people’s lives positively alongside
a reputable and beloved organization

BLC provides attorneys with assistance and
administrative support

Attorneys joining BLC, can access CLE seminars,
trainings, and clinics

Our pro bono programs provide

  • Provides $1 million of malpractice insurance
  • Screens all clients
  • Matches clients with the attorney’s area of expertise
  • Offers free CLE education and mentors
  • Covers pre-approved court and litigation costs
  • Allows attorneys to retain 100% of awarded fee
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Take cases on a variety of legal areas

  • Children & Education
  • Family Law
  • Veterans
  • Consumer/ Housing / Bankruptcy

Mission United Veterans Pro Bono Project

In partnership with the United Way of Broward County’s Mission United initiative, our Veterans Pro Bono Project provides access to civil justice for military veterans. We match veterans with pro bono attorneys who practice in the specific area of legal need. Take a pro bono case to help a veteran today!

  • 9,000+ veterans have received legal assistance since the program’s inception
  • 395 pro bono attorneys assisted veterans in 2020
  • LAS provides attorneys with resources and administrative support

Advice and Counsel Hotline

Participate in our Advice and Counsel Hotline offering free legal advice and counsel to low‐income residents of
Broward County. Volunteer pro bono attorneys provide advice remotely on a given weekly 3‐hour time slot.  Areas of law serviced are mainly private landlord‐tenant disputes, consumer issues, and family law matters.

  • We provide attorneys training and a hotline manual
  • No follow‐up work by attorney
  • All advice is covered by our malpractice insurance
  • Attorneys get 3 pro bono credit hours for each day volunteered

Help us meet the challenge

  • Broward County has an estimated 1.9 million residents
  • Nearly 300,000 live in poverty and cannot afford legal help
  • There is 1 full-time LAS attorney for every 5,600 people in need
  • Florida leads the nation in ID theft and fraud among the poor and elderly
  • Florida is home to the third largest population of Veterans
  • Approximately 15% of Broward residents lack health insurance; 44% of our clients are uninsured
J Lipmann

“We know that there are never going to be enough lawyers, and we do not have enough money to serve everyone with a legal issue. However, I am working hard to be one of the agents of rapid, effective, and high impact change. I have gained many personal benefits from doing pro bono work, but most importantly, doing this work reminds me why I chose to be a lawyer in the first place. The personal reward gained from donating my time and money far outweighs any amount I could ever give.”

Juliette E. Lippman, Esq.
Past President, Florida Bar Foundation
Partner, Birnbaum, Lippman & Gregoire , PLLC


Not quite the right time?
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