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Call Us at: 954-765-8950 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Thank you for Cycling With Legal Aid Programs in Broward!

In 2019, CCLA began a fitness initiative in the hopes of promoting healthy lifestyles within the office, reducing workplace burnout and increasing employee retention.  Our employee-driven committee aims to build and sustain a wellness culture within the firm. CCLA’s first step towards this goal was the purchase and installation of a treadmill.  The purchase of the treadmill is just one part of the firm’s fitness initiative, offering incentives for team members who log in time/miles. 

In addition to the treadmill, CCLA also began the “Commit to Be Fit” program lead by a certified personal trainer/certified nutritionist.  Commit to Be Fit is open to all employees and consists of weekly high intensity workouts and a bi-weekly lunch and learn. The lunch and learn component encourages healthy eating habits and a peer chat group to share experiences, workouts and recipes. 

Cycling at Cyclebar- Fort Lauderdale
We wanted to take our initiative and share it with the community!

We started off our year with an intense, fat burning cycle ride! Members of the community joined us on January 14th at the Cyclebar- Fort Lauderdale location to help benefit Legal Aid Programs in Broward.

Cyclebar is not your average cycling class—it’s a mind-blowing, heart-pumping party on a bike. Every ride is led by an elite CycleStar Instructor, each with their own style and vibe.

Every bike comes with built-in CycleStats technology, so you can track calories burned, RPMs, watts and class rank.

With high-performance custom bikes, amphitheater seating, enhanced lighting, concert-quality sound and two massive high-def flat screens, they set the scene for an immersive, exhilarating experience.

Committed to Fitness and Justice
Our shirts were a hit!

We sold so many shirts in house and at our event. Everyone loved the concept and mission.

If you want to be a part of a greater cause and Commit to be Fit, purchase one of our T-shirts and/tees for just $15!

Find us at our next Commit to be Fit event or swing by our office to pick yours up today!

Thank you to all of the riders for joining us on a high intensity ride! You took the first step in taking control of your health with us, so be sure to keep going!