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Story of Justice: Roger*

Giving an 81 year old Veteran facing crushing debts a fresh start through Bankruptcy

Roger* is an 81 year old Navy Veteran who fell deeply into debt after experiencing several family and health related hardships.  Roger lost his wife a few years ago, and the income she received from social security was lost to the household.  He also had open-heart surgery in the past, and now has to take 7 pills daily.  He has incurred ongoing high medical expenses.

Roger fell prey to a dishonest or fraudulent contractor, who ‘scammed’ him out of $19,000. He reached the point where he no longer could make payments on the credit cards he had used to try to meet his expenses after all of these negative occurrences happened, so he reached out to Legal Aid. His case was placed with a private pro bono attorney who focuses his practice on Bankruptcy cases.

The pro bono attorney met with the Roger, and determined that he was eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and that this was appropriate under the facts and circumstances of Roger’s case.  The pro bono attorney filed a Chapter 7 petition in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on behalf of Roger and litigated this matter to conclusion.

Recently Roger received an Order of Discharge under Chapter 7 for $48,158 from the Bankruptcy Court – relieving him of the debt that had been strangling him financially.  Roger is extremely grateful to his pro bono attorney and Legal Aid for this life-changing outcome.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.