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Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes, Esq.

Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes

Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes has been taking pro bono cases from Legal Aid for the past six years. Ms. Valdes goes above and beyond in her efforts to give back to her community by representing low-income residents of Broward County. 

In 2013, she generously stepped in to represent a client who needed help to defend a foreclosure suit. At the time, the case was in the middle of litigation after the client’s former attorney had to withdraw after one year. Ms. Valdes defended the case for over two years, providing the client with enough time to obtain a loan modification and reinstate the mortgage. In the end, Ms. Valdes negotiated a dismissal of the foreclosure suit, saving the client from homelessness. 

Ms. Valdes’s next Client was a survivor of domestic violence and a full-time caretaker of three minor children, two of whom are disabled. Ms. Valdes agreed to help her file for divorce from the abuser. While that case was pending, Ms. Valdes accepted two more cases. One was to help another survivor of domestic violence file for divorce and the second one was to help an 86-year-old victim of elder abuse who was fraudulently induced to sign away an interest in his home. 

Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes is the founder of Valdes Law Firm, P.A. in Ft. Lauderdale. Ms. Valdes is primarily a litigator whose practice areas include business litigation, real estate litigation (including landlord/tenant disputes and foreclosure defense), family law, consumer protection litigation, securities litigation, and appeals. Ms. Valdes is a cum laude graduate of the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.