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Story of Justice: Fred’s Property Is Fraudulently Transferred

Fred’s Property Is Fraudulently Transferred

Fred,* a 71-year-old senior citizen is blind and very hard of hearing. Four years ago, while he was temporarily residing at a rehabilitation facility following surgery, his son fraudulently signed Fred’s name on a Quit Claim deed to transfer Fred’s property to himself.

Before the son could follow through on his plan to sell Fred’s home, Coast to Coast Legal Aid (CCLA) got involved in assisting Fred. Through the Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) pro bono program, Fred was assigned a pro bono attorney who worked with CCLA to file a lawsuit to restore the home title in Fred’s name. To make matters worse, while the suit was pending, the son recorded a second fraudulent deed, filed an appeal, and filed a second lawsuit against Fred.

Why it Matters
With the assistance of BLC and CCLA, over three years after the initial suit was filed, a judge finally ordered the home title to be restored to Fred. The son had to be physically removed from the home by law enforcement. 

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*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients