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Story of Justice: Carol Falls Victim to a Fraudulent Scheme

Carol Falls Victim to a Fraudulent Scheme


Carol* was the victim of a fraudulent scheme. While being led to believe that she was signing up for a free program to help low-income people save on energy costs, she was tricked into agreeing to take out a loan for $8,000 to finance the purchase of a new air conditioner.



One day, Carol started getting bills in the mail to make payments on a loan that she never agreed to take out. At this moment, Carol realized that something was wrong and that she needed help. Carol did not have the means to pay for legal assistance, so she reached out to Legal Aid.

The case was assigned to Broward Lawyers Care, which helped Carol to retain a pro bono attorney to work on her case. After careful examination, Carol’s pro bono attorney sued the lender in federal court for violations of federal law.

Why it Matters

The process was long, but after three years, the lender finally agreed to discharge the loan and pay Carol $9,000 in damages. Justice had been done!

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients


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