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Story of Justice: Broward Community ID

Story of Justice: Broward Community ID


In 2021, Broward County passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of Community IDs to Broward residents. The Broward Community ID is a document that helps Broward residents better identify themselves to law enforcement, schools, banks, health centers, city departments, and social service agencies, as well as to participate in the cultural and business life of the county when an ID is required.


The Broward Community ID card is NOT a federal or state ID or driver license, it cannot be used to vote or board an airplane, it does not entitle cardholders to any social welfare benefits, and does not have any impact on an individual’s immigration status. Nevertheless, the ID will assist participants to do such things as picking up their children from school and de-escalate encounters with law enforcement. Additionally, ID participants will be able to obtain services such as the COVID-19 vaccine and other health care, library cards, access to legal aid, financial services, and access to shelter for their families during a hurricane, storm, or other emergencies.

Why It Matters

The Broward Community ID has been especially useful for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, formerly-incarcerated persons, foster youth, transgender persons, the homeless, new immigrants, or anyone who might face difficulties obtaining a state-issued ID.

“I became a volunteer of the program after receiving my Broward Community ID in February. With this ID, I was able to pick up my kids at school and open a bank account. I am grateful for my Community ID card; I am even inviting my friends to donate time to this amazing program.”

– Community ID Card Holder

Any resident of Broward County can apply for a Community ID card. To learn more about the Community ID Project, visit

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients

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