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Call Us at: 954-765-8950 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Broward Community ID

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Broward Community ID

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*05-04-2023 – Due to a recent state bill, it was announced that counties and municipalities are now restricted from providing funds to the Broward Community ID program. However, we want to clarify that our office is open and continues to provide full services. All interested individuals may register and apply for a Broward Community ID.

Many residents, including citizens, do not meet the requirements to receive a state-issued identification, which makes proving their identity for  day-to-day activities a challenge. In 2021, the Board of County Commissioners of Broward County passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of Community IDs to Broward residents.
The Broward Community ID is a document that helps residents identify themselves to law enforcement, schools, banks, health centers, city departments, and social service agencies.

Apply for a Broward Community ID

Any resident of Broward County can apply for a Community ID card. This ID is especially useful to formerly incarcerated persons, foster youth, transgender persons, the homeless, new immigrants, refugees, or anyone who might face difficulties obtaining a state-issued ID. Immigration status will not be asked.

To apply, attend one of our ID Drive Events taking place periodically in different Broward locations, or make an office appointment.

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Next ID Drive Events

04/29/2023 – Pembroke Pines, FL 
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Limitations of the Broward Community ID card

  • It is not a federal or state ID (and clearly notes this on the back of the card)
  • It is not a driver’s license
  • It cannot be used to vote or board an airplane
  • Does not entitle cardholders to any social welfare benefits
  • Does not have any impact on an individual’s immigration status

*Broward County authorized the issuance of Community IDs to Broward residents in 2021. Other Counties like West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade have approved similar programs. We have earned endorsements from different law enforcement agencies, local cities, and non-profit organizations.


  • Must provide one of the following
    • Passport of your Country (current or expired)
    • Diver’s license or ID card from any state (current or expired)
    • Foreign national ID cards  (from individual’s home country)
    • Consular ID or embassy ID
    • Previously issued Community ID Card
    • Military ID cards, either from the US or from an individual’s home country
    • For Veterans Designation: DD214 or VIC/VHIC – VA, Hospital ID Card, or Attestation from Mayor’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs
    • DHS/ICE Miramar Check-In Paperwork Must have a photo and a seal
  • Must provide proof  that you are a Broward Resident (one of the following)
    • Utility bill (cable, water, electricity, gas, internet, phone)
    • Rental agreement (if currently valid)
    • Receipt for rent payment (only if it has the address)
    • Bank or credit card statements
    • Medical bill
    • Homeless shelter letter
  • All proof of address documents must be within the past 3 months. Individuals without name or address on their documents, must get their name added before we issue IDs. 
  • Cost $20.00 (cash only)

Application Process

  • Registration is required to attend ID Drives or office appointments (no walk-ins will be serviced)
  • Applicant attends a mandatory orientation explaining benefits and limitations of ID card
  • Applicant presents the required documents to be reviewed
  • If all is in order, we will print and give you your Community ID Card (effective for 2 years)
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