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Call Us at: 954-765-8950 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Stories of Justice: The Legal Assistance for Victims Project

Donna* had been in an abusive relationship with her husband for years. They have two children together. When the husband went after one of the children, she had enough. Donna came to CCLA and was helped in obtaining a Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection.
CCLA attorneys then represented her for a divorce. They were able to help Donna maintain the majority of time-sharing with the children and child support along with the car and a lump sum alimony payment. But, during the divorce, Donna was served with an eviction notice. CCLA helped her negotiate with the landlord and apply for other housing.
Then, the abuser dropped Donna and the children from his health insurance. Donna applied for Medicaid and was denied for herself. Unfortunately, she had found a lump in her breast. CCLA advocated for Donna with Department of Children and Families and Child Support Enforcement. It turned out that Donna’s denial was because of an incorrectly applied sanction against her. It was lifted and the client was able to obtain the medical care she needed. Donna has worked with the same attorney and paralegal, who know her story, for all of her legal needs. She was extremely grateful for all of the help CCLA provided to her.

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