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Story of Justice: Ms. Jones Fears her Abusive Son

Story of Justice: Ms. Jones Fears her Abusive Son


Ms. Jones*, an elderly 80-year-old woman, was emotionally and verbally abused by her son David*. The abusive behavior had been going on for decades, but had increasingly gotten worst for the last year and worried her it would soon escalate into physical violence. On several occasions, Ms. Jones even called the police requesting they remove her son from her home. The police could not remove her son under the current circumstances and advised her to contact Legal Aid.

Free Civil Legal Assistance

Ms. Jones desperately needed legal help but was afraid her son would retaliate if he found out. She knew she could not wait any longer. She waited for her son to leave her home and reached out to Legal Aid for free legal assistance removing her abusive son from her home. Legal Aid understood her situation and worked with Ms. Jones to coordinate an appropriate meeting. Ms. Jones did not drive, use a computer, and rarely left her home, so a Legal Aid paralegal arranged a meeting with her at a local supermarket where they conducted the intake process.

After researching, Legal Aid attorneys located a restraining order Ms. Jones and her deceased husband had obtained against David almost 20 years ago. The attorneys were surprised to find out that the restraining order was still in effect and prevented David from contacting or being within 500 feet of Ms. Jones.

Why it Matters

Ms. Smith called the police and provided them with the restraining order documentation that Legal Aid facilitated. With this new set of circumstances, the police went to her residence and finally removed her son. Ms. Smith chose not to pursue a violation of the restraining order but was relieved that she could finally live in peace at her home without the threat of violence. Were it not for her ability to access free quality civil legal assistance, the situation might have unnecessarily escalated into physical violence or perhaps even worst.

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