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Board Member Spotlight: Steven Jaffe

Steven Jaffe has served on the joint Board since 2013, dedicating his time to raising awareness about Legal Aid Programs in Broward. He also has taken pro bono cases, mentored volunteer attorneys, and successfully advocated for Legal Aid to receive cy press awards.

In 2018, Steve was asked why is Legal Aid so important to him, he followed up with a quote by Winston Churchill proclaiming “Never give in, never give in, never give in.” Steve believes “we need to serve those who cannot serve themselves.”

His passion and dedication isn’t overlooked. Current Board Chair Jeffrey M. Wank, Esq. is one of many who recognizes Steve’s generosity, saying “Steve has been an instrumental part of Legal Aid’s success over the past several years and graciously served as our Board Chair last year. He is a leader, professional, family man and caring individual. He always seeks to do the right thing and has helped thousands of people over the storied course of his career. Steve has been a true inspiration.”

Jaffe’s extensive litigation experience, coupled with his philanthropic work and involvement in more than a dozen professional, charitable and civic organizations, has provided him with a unique ability to understand people and to understand every side of a civil case. He has taken part in more than 200 mediations and has developed a true passion for the dispute resolution process. Currently practicing with Upchurch Watson White & Max, Steve continues to impact lives. His practice areas include personal injury, class action, medical malpractice, breach of contract, consumer fraud, long-term care insurance and complex commercial cases.

Thank you Steve Jaffe for your dedication to the Legal Aid Programs in Broward. You will be missed, but not forgotten.