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Technology Tools for Disaster Recovery

Legal Aid service of Broward County Housing Rights Attorney Alisha D. Hurwood has been chosen as a speaker on a nationwide webinar on the use of technology following a natural disaster.  AIDS United, who is hosting the webinar, advocates for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and the organizations that serve them by employing the most seasoned and respected domestic AIDS policy team and includes a broad array of organizations from all regions of the country engaged in helping to end AIDS in America. TransSOCIAL founders, Ashley and Morgan Mayfaire, are partnering with Legal Aid for this webinar.  TransSOCIAL was created to promote unity within the Transgender community, and to increase Trans visibility and understanding in our surrounding communities.
Alisha D. Hurwood, Esq., M.S. is a housing rights attorney at Legal Aid in Broward County, Florida, representing low-income clients, including those who are HIV+. Recognized as a leader in her field, she is a frequent speaker at national conferences regarding the importance of legal services for persons living with HIV. Ms. Hurwood earned a Juris Doctorate degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in 2006 and a Master’s of Science in Sociology with a focus on Community Responses to Disasters from Mississippi State University in 2002.
Title of Webinar:  After the Eye of the Storm: Using Online Technology to Coordinate HIV Services Following a Natural Disaster
AIDS United Description for Webinar:  During this webinar, two AIDS United HIV Hurricane Relief grantees will discuss their experience using Slack – a free online tool – to coordinate with organizations in their community after Hurricane Irma. Slack’s team-based platform facilitates collaboration between individuals and organizations. Our speakers will describe how Slack was helpful in coordinating resources. Participants will learn how Slack works, how organizations can sign up and get trained, how it can help them connect with other agencies, and how it helped the speakers coordinate with other service providers after Hurricane Irma wracked South Florida.
The webinar will be held on July 24, 1:30pm ET