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Story of Justice: Roxana

The Immigration Unit’s newest addition, Jonathan Urrutia, spent most of the summer advocating to get his client, a mother of three young children, freed from immigration detention and reunited with her children. 

Roxana was separated from her young U.S. citizen children and detained for over a month by ICE even though she is eligible for a green card. 

She was arrested and turned over to ICE by the Martin County Sheriff when she attempted to pay a traffic ticket in Martin County. Jonathan is fighting to keep her from being deported. As part of this advocacy, he reached out to a local reporter who published a story in the Miami New Times:

Telemundo aired an interview with Jonathan on August 15.

We are thrilled that thanks in large part to Jonathan’s efforts, Roxana was released on August 30. Telemundo documented her reunification with her children.

​*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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