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Story of Justice: Bryan*

Just when you think you know someone and their behavioral habits, they show you their true colors. This was the case for Bryan* and his long time best friend/mentor Coby*. Bryan contacted Legal Aid and filed a stalking injunction against Coby when their relationship took a turn for the worst. 

In 2014, both parties met and developed a great relationship. With ample knowledge of Bryan’s life, Coby sought revenge against Bryan for reasons that are unclear. He began harassing Bryan, and shared damaging information that put a strain on Bryan’s relationship with his husband. 

Things did not stop there. In 2018, Bryan testified against Coby in an injunction with a third party. His testimony was an integral part of his case against Coby. Coby’s threats toward Bryan continued, which forced Bryan to file a temporary injunction that was ultimately granted. 

Fueled with rage by the injunction, Coby filed a counter petition against Bryan. During the trial, Coby’s evidence and witnesses were dismissed due to improper character evidence. As for Bryan, his witnesses feared they would become the next target of Coby’s vengeance therefore a majority of them did not want to testify against Coby. Those who did, however, provided moving testimonies against Coby. This allowed the Judge to rule in favor of Bryan, granting a 10-year injunction. 

Bryan did not only speak up for himself but he stood up for other individuals who were harassed by Coby. He believes justice was served in his case.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.