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Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Rhoda Sokoloff

Rhoda Sokoloff, Esq.

Rhoda Sokoloff, Esq., volunteers with Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) at Legal Aid to assist survivors of domestic violence to resolve their family law issues. She has volunteered with BLC for over 20 years. In the past eight years, she has volunteered over 100 hours. In addition to accepting family law cases, she has also volunteered with the Broward Lawyers Care Advice and Counsel Hotline to advise clients on housing, family law and consumer debt issues.

Most recently, Ms. Sokoloff represented a client who is originally from the Philippines. The client dated an American citizen for many years before agreeing to marry him and move to the U.S. The man made many promises and assurances, including applying for her immigration status. However, after she arrived in the U.S., her husband denied all access to the outside world and even limited her movement to certain rooms in the home. She was not yet fluent in English. When they separated, he withdrew her immigration application. To become self-sufficient, she registered for English classes and enrolled in school to become a Registered Nurse but needed more financial assistance to pay for her education. After four years of marriage, her husband filed for divorce.
Ms. Sokoloff represented this client in her divorce and helped her negotiate a settlement to receive $780/month in child support, plus $16,500 in alimony/equitable distribution which she can use to pay for her education and become a Registered Nurse. Ms. Sokoloff’s efforts helped the client transition to self-sufficiency.

Ms. Sokoloff maintains a private practice in Fort Lauderdale specializing in family law.