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Call Us at: 954-765-8950 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Board Member Spotlight: Brian Lerner, Esq.

I became involved with LAS and CCLA in 2014 when I joined the board of directors and am now serving my second three-year term.

I joined the board because I felt this was a natural extension of my involvement in Pro Bono work, including representation of an individual at trial in regard to claims of discrimination and retaliation against the Department of Homeland Security. I also successfully assisted an elderly individual in having her declared the rightful owner of a funeral plot. I found the ability to assist these clients to be personally and professionally rewarding.

Through board engagement, I have had the opportunity to attend several training programs. These programs have helped me in terms of better understanding not-for-profit organizations and corporate governance, and have served me well in my legal practice. I have chaired the fundraising committee and participated in several social events with fellow board members and the amazing and dedicated staff at each organization.

We hear it all the time that being a lawyer is a privilege, not a right. With privilege, comes responsibility. That responsibility includes giving back to those in need. Many in our country are in desperate need of legal assistance. In some cases, this legal assistance can be monumental and life changing—such as when dealing with domestic violence and family issues.

In many instances, however, this legal assistance can involve what we may think to be small issues. But these small issues (like clearing up a drivers’ license) have a tremendous positive impact on the person receiving the assistance. Now, more than ever, so many in our community need legal assistance. If you cannot donate money to help those in need, then you can donate your time. You will find that each minute you donate will be a windfall to those in need.