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Case Scenarios

Read a few examples of the cases Legal Aid takes on. If you are an attorney interested in joining our Pro Bono program, please fill out this form.

Foreclosure Defense

Robert is seeking limited help with his mortgage foreclosure. The mortgage company has filed a foreclosure action and set a mandatory mediation. Robert still lives in the home and would like to continue living there with his children. He needs an attorney to go to the mediation with him to help him work out a modification with the mortgage company that allows him to make affordable payments and stay in the home.

Wage Garnishment
Peter is seeking help recovering wages that his employer wrongfully withheld from him. Peter has worked as been a home repair helper for over 2 years and his employer has not been paying him overtime. Peter is owed for over 200 hours of overtime.

Domestic Violence
Sophie is seeking a dissolution of marriage. She has two sons, ages 4 and 6, who have witnessed their father’s violent attack on her. Sophie works to support her children, but does not make enough to make ends meet and their home is in foreclosure.

Carmen is seeking a dissolution of marriage. She has three children, ages 5, 7, and 9. She has been the victim of domestic violence by her husband. She works 30 hours per week to support her children, but her husband is not helping with child support.

Luanne is seeking a dissolution of marriage. She has four children, ranging in age from 8 to 18. The children have witnessed their father’s physical abuse against the mother as well as his use of drugs. Her husband has threatened that he will get custody of the kids because she has cerebral palsy.

Annette is seeking a dissolution of marriage. She has two children, ages 2 and 5. She has been physically abused by her husband, who has been convicted of battery domestic violence against her. He has already been convicted of violating the injunction for protection she received to protect herself. He has also just recently been arrested for a second violation of the injunction.

Elaine is seeking a dissolution of marriage. She has two children, ages 5 and 10. She has been physically abused by her husband and is seeking to get out of the situation for herself and her children. She works 40 hours per week to support her children, and her husband is not paying child support. The family has recently lost their home to foreclosure.

Eviction Defense
Jessica is seeking help with an eviction. She has rented a duplex from her landlord for over a year, but the landlord never asked her to sign a lease. She has always paid her rent on time, has receipts from an agent at the apartment office, and has a friend who has been with her when she made the payments. The landlord has filed for eviction and has written in his complaint that she is three months behind in rent. Jessica believes the agent has been pocketing the money. She needs help to defend against this wrongful eviction.

Kevin is seeking help with a constructive eviction. He has signed a lease to rent a house for one year. He has been renting the house for 6 months and is current in his rent payments. He recently began having trouble with his landlord, who told him to leave. He came home from work one day and the locks had been changed at the house and the electricity turned off. He needs to help to stop his landlord’s illegal behavior.