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Success Stories BC


  • 59 year-old disabled client had her bank accounts frozen due to collections efforts of a creditor who had obtained a judgment for credit card debt. The three accounts frozen contained over $11,000.00. Client lived with her 84 year-old mother. LAS represented the client in the garnishment proceeding and successfully argued that the accounts should be “unfrozen” because the account deposits consisted of Social Security and pension benefits. Because the accounts were frozen for several months, she was unable to stay current on the mortgage, causing the mortgage company to file a foreclosure lawsuit. After unfreezing the account, the client was able to pay-off the arrears on the mortgage, and LAS assisted the client through the reinstatement process. Client avoided foreclosure due to LAS efforts.
  • 54 year-old disabled veteran receiving Social Security fell behind on mortgage after incurring over $2,000 bill for electrical repairs. Client had significant equity in the home but was unable to secure refinancing due to poor credit. LAS filed court paperwork to contest the amount claimed to be owed and negotiated a loan modification which reduced the client’s mortgage interest rate from 6.75% to 5% and reduced his monthly payments $30.00 per month. Client was able to avoid the foreclosure due to LAS efforts.
  • Elderly client came to LAS days before she was going to lose her home for unpaid property taxes. A mortgage broker appeared to be steering her to a predatory foreclosure scam deal. LAS filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for the client to cure the property tax owed. After several months under a Chapter 13 repayment plan, a relative stepped forward to pay the tax arrears owed, and the client converted her case to Chapter 7, which enabled her to end the bankruptcy. The client saved her home due to the efforts of LAS.