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Story of Justice: Cody Faces Eviction During the Pandemic

Cody Faces Eviction During the Pandemic


Cody* is the owner of a mobile home. Cody had found himself in an increasingly difficult situation.

A violent relationship with his spouse had set him on a downward spiral of depression, which had in part led him to a financial inability to attend his lease obligations. Unfortunately, the mobile home park filed an eviction against him due to several violations of the lease.

Cody’s situation was exacerbated by a serious medical condition that affects his immune system. Losing his housing during the pandemic would have put him in serious imminent danger.

Why it matters

Out of options, Cody reached out to Legal Aid for legal help. After several months of negotiation, Legal Aid was able to enter into a settlement agreement with the Mobile Home Park and get the case dismissed.

Thanks to the timely free legal assistance provided by Legal Aid, Cody avoided eviction and can now focus on taking care of his health and improving his life.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients


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