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Story of Justice: Jane’s Final Judgment of Injunction

Jane’s Final Judgment of Injunction


Following the entry of a Final Judgment of Injunction against her husband, Jane came to us for help to obtain a divorce from John.

She had serious concerns about John’s ability to care for the children and wondered how she would co-parent and cooperate on making major decisions with someone who was physically abusive and controlling.


She wanted title to the family home so she could continue to live there with the children and wanted an equitable division of the outstanding household and medical bills.

After mediation and hearing, John was ordered to reimburse Jane for half of the household bills and medical debts.

Why it Matters

Jane was awarded 85% of the time-sharing with their two young children as well as ultimate decision-making authority as to education and non-emergency healthcare. Jane is free to make decisions in the children’s best interest if she and the father cannot agree.

Jane was also awarded title to the family home where she can now continue to raise her children and begin to move on from this chapter in her life.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients

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