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Story of Justice: Ethel fights for Justice while Suffering PTSD, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks

Ethel fights for Justice while Suffering PTSD, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks


Ethel* is a senior citizen over 60 years of age who suffers from agoraphobia, PTSD, depression, severe anxiety, and panic attacks. Ethel’s only income was $694 per month from her social security retirement benefits.

The court ordered Ethel’s ex-husband to provide her with $2,500 a month in alimony payments. However, Ethels’ ex-husband stopped making payments in 2018 and later filed a request to terminate the alimony payments.

As a result of not receiving the monthly alimony payments of $2,500 from her ex-husband, Ethel was unable to pay her rent. A disabled senior, Ethel was now in jeopardy of being evicted from her apartment during the pandemic.


Ethel reached out to Legal Aid for free legal assistance. Legal Aid’s pro bono project, Broward Lawyers Care, helped Ethel to retain a pro bono attorney. With the help of her pro bono attorney, Ethel was able to negotiate a settlement with her ex-husband.

Why it Matters

In the end, Ethel’s ex-husband agreed to provide her with two payments totaling over $44,000 to cover his alimony obligation. Thanks to the free legal assistance provided by Legal Aid, Ethel was able to preserve her housing and avoid homelessness.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients


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