Russell E. Carlisle Advocacy Award
The Russell E. Carlisle Advocacy Award is given annually to an advocate whose actions exemplify a personal and professional commitment to making justice available to the poor and disadvantaged. The Award was named after its first (1998) recipient, Mr. Carlisle himself. He is a lifelong champion of the rights of the poor and disadvantaged and was the first chairperson of the LAS Board of Directors in 1974.

Past recipients of the Award include: Bruce Rogow, Esq. – 1999, Don A. Wich, Jr., Esq. – 2000, the late Henry Latimer, Esq. – 2001, Sharon Bourassa, Esq. – 2002, Jerome Ira Solkoff, Esq. – 2003, Howard Talenfeld, Esq. – 2004, Nancy W. Gregoire, Esq. – 2005, Levi G. Williams, Esq. – 2006, Terrence Russell, Esq. – 2007, Andrea L. Moore, Esq. – 2008, Adele I. Stone, Esq. – 2009, Belinda Keiser – 2010, Walter Honaman, Esq. – 2011, Roy Rogers – 2012, The Honorable Arthur J. England, Jr. – 2013, The Honorable Mel Grossman – 2014, Jane Curran – 2015, Stephen B. Moss, Esq. – 2016 and Jesse H. Diner, Esq. – 2017.

The nomination deadline for 2017 has now passed. Please check back in January 2018 for nomination information for next year.


Commitment to Justice Award
The Commitment to Justice Award was established by Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) in 2011. The award honors members of the community whose work reflects and embodies the mission of CCLA to improve the lives of low income persons in our community through advocacy, education, representation and empowerment.

Past recipients of the Award: Elizabeth G. Daugherty, Esq.–2011; The Honorable Ronald J. Rothschild–2012; Lisa Goldberg, Esq.–2013; Edith Schaffer Lederberg – 2014; Samuel S. Goren, Esq. – 2015, Stephen Ferrante, MSW – 2016 and Steven Jaffe, Esq. – 2017.

The nomination deadline for 2017 has now passed. Please check back in January 2018 for nomination information for next year.


Attorney of the Year
This award is presented to an attorney who has gone above and beyond to support our mission and those who we serve.

Past recipients of the award include: Charles L. Simon, Esq. – 2002; Joanne Fanizza, Esq. – 2003; Theodore Kaufman, Esq. – 2004; Richard Hussey, Esq. – 2005; Marian A. Lindquist, Esq. – 2006; Elias L. D’Souza, Esq. – 2007; Jorge E. Hurtado, Esq. – 2008; Robert Murphy, Esq.– 2010; Lawrence G. Marin, Esq. – 2011; Professor Michael Richmond – 2012; David Bazerman, Esq. – 2013; Jay Kim, Esq. – 2014; Michele K. Cummings, Esq. – 2015; Russell M. Thompson, Esq. – 2016; and Chad T. Van Horn, Esq. – 2017.


Law Firm of the Year
The Law Firm of the Year Award is presented to a firm that has shown their overall commitment to the work that we do and the clients we serve.

Past recipients of the Law Firm of the Year Award include: Gunster Yoakley – 2002; Billing, Cochran, Heath, Lyles and Mauro – 2003; Weis Serota Helfman Pastoriza Guedes Cole and Boniske – 2004; Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A. – 2005; Law Offices of Sheldon J. Schlesinger, P.A. – 2006; Shutts & Bowen LLP – 2007; Atkinson, Diner, Stone, Mankuta & Ploucha, P.A. – 2008; Kirschbaum, Birnbaum, Lippman & Gregoire, PLLC – 2009; Kelley/Uustal – 2010; Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate, P.A. – 2011; Ward Kim Vaughan & Lerner LLP – 2012; GrayRobinson, P.A. – 2013; Holland & Knight – 2014; Kirschbaum, Birnbaum, Lippman & Gregoire, PLLC – 2015; Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos, & Lehrman, P.L. – 2016; and Talenfeld Law – 2017.


Spirit of Justice Award
The Spirit of Justice Award was created in 2014 to recognize those who embody the “spirit” of the work done by CCLA and LAS and to commemorate the 40th and 10th anniversaries of each respectively.

Previous recipients include Bernard R. Appleman, Esq. – 2014; Young Lawyers Section of the Broward County Bar Association – 2015; Scott D. Owens, Esq. – 2016; and  Paul Regensdorf, Esq. – 2017.